March 20, 2009

while rivers melt

The barn you see there is 3 stories, with the old milking stanchions along an alley on one side and a big bay with the cow stalls on the other. Its huge. The hoophouse at 40 feet long looks so miniscule. It is bolted to deep stakes and tied down in two spots and will hopefully stay put.
I had a dream though that it took flight, landed on a perfect barge and floated down lazy rivers, delivering salads and things.


inadvertent farmer said...

I have complete barn envy...seriously that is one very cool..and very huge barn! Kim

Ruralrose said...

reminds me of the prairies where i grew up - we still have 2 feet of snow here - excellent posts as usual - each post you make on nanos helps me to understand them better, at the beginning it seemed like a foreign word and an unimaginable concept - thanks - peace for all