March 23, 2009

farm to fork; appropriation of our language

"Farm to fork" has long been a slogan of small scale local food security, in fact, its been around a while. Now it seems to be taking on new meaning and an ideology quite different than the original idea.

It looks more like this:

Sensors, rifd chips and software to trace it from "farm to fork". Industrial agriculture's piece de resistance for control of the food supply. And we can guess who's involved.

But I ask you! Do we want sterility or health? Are we soley concerned about pathogens, or are transgenic hazards and nanoscale toxins important too?

Bioregional small farms and householders gardens will ensure a localized healthy bioecology, where healthy organisms flourish in symbiotic dynamism, pathogens face resistence and health prevents unbalance. Like a good healthy garden.

Ecological and local; know from where your food comes!

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