March 29, 2009

Digging in the hoophouse and the seedlings find new homes

The seagulls wouldn't pose for me this morning, although they were out and about next door. They must be following something up the river because I have to hope the gmo corn didn't draw them up this far. The geese are back too and there are a number of them in the corn too. Yesterday the seagulls stood along the peak of my house, one on the stovepipe...I'll try to get them to cooperate later. Thankfully the fly over the garden is limited.

I have a view from it through my hoophouse, its still too wet to work.

I was seeding lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage last couple of days (I'll post on my varieties soon) and digging over some beds for ruby chard and beets. I applied lime before the cover-crop (2 times buckwheat followed by rye) last season, so I amended the beds this spring with compost, ashes and phosphate rock.

The onions were started under lights and moved a week ago. I lost about 15% to a freeze.

Its warmer over in the potting house where the lights are and peppers. tomatoes, flowers and basil are up and spilling over.

I have had to move some of these warmer things on to my sun porch (which isn't insulated so lets hope it stays warm) whose foundation I shored up last fall. I'm going to have the cherry tomatoes (sweet cluster from Hope Seeds see sidebar link) in pots there, eventually.

Lots more pictures in the appendix

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