March 18, 2009

In situ experimentation; feeding studies

Where is the science to show that eating transgenic food is safe? Why is there no independent published results of feeding trials of GM crops?

The absence of scientific (corporate sanctioned) facts lets the wheels of deception go on. Puztai`s studies are the most comprehensive to this date although there are new recent studies that are damning.
A new Austrian study shows GE corn causes infertility and abnormal gene expression. Monsanto tried to block this Austrian study:
"Whenever these studies or reports surface... the funding--to find and expose the cause of the problem--often mysteriously dries up; scientists are transferred, threatened or fired, and the health risk link to GMOs is vehemently denied`` from here

Apparently this is a worldwide human scale experiment that is tricky for participants to refuse and mired in in situ variables making it difficult to assess. Fertility rates are declining...Could this be why?

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