March 11, 2009

Venezuela and Big Ag

As a goal of the big agricultural corporations is to control the food supply it isn't surprising to see them team up to choke the food /farming system. Here is a diagram of "Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances between Cargill and Monsanto".

"The Cargill/Monsanto food chain cluster that spans several stages of food production from input suppliers to livestock processors. Here

Venezuela appears to have banned GMO crops. You can read more about that here for example, or here.

It appears there is a show down.


Freija and Beringian Fritillary said...

Hello agrarian grrl! We've been reading your blog lately, and wanted to say hello. Great work you are doing here, I really appreciate being able to follow the news on GM and biotech on your blog.

anne said...

Hi back at ya, and thank you.