March 27, 2009

local grain CSA gets slandered

The West Kootenays of BC is renowned for its wilderness, artists, independent thinkers, and alternative economy. There are very few farmers and small pockets of farmland, but at the far end of the long lake lies a bread basket in the East Kootneys. A group of visionaries from Nelson organized a grain CSA, contracting with a farmer near Creston. The farmer grew the grain and the community participated in the milling and handling of it, even sailing it home to Nelson.
Jon Steinman documents this journey on a podcast from his excellent Kootenay Co-op radio program Deconstructing Dinner: "THE LOCAL GRAIN REVOLUTION VII - Sailing Grain" from where you can also read more about the Kootenay grain CSA.

Given such an intimate and participatory move toward food security, it was jarring to read an attack on this community project by food and farming writer, organic Verification Officer and "independent" consultant, Mischa Popoff. The site Growers Journal has published it.

Where does the anger and need to humiliate arise from, I wonder? Why attack a small community working locally to steward essentials in their foodshed? I have to question Popoff's independence.

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