March 21, 2009

The fullerene patent landscape

I love tripping into interesting websites; this one lists some wild patents on fullerenes, buckyballs, spherical building blocks of a nanoscale, and what they can get up to.

Any holy shit! These patents are from the 90s: One can only imagine how things have developed.

Food and farming applications, you're fair to ask?

1. the timed release of chemicals
2. the targeting delivery of chemicals
3. mark, sense and trace a food item from source to "destination" ..isn't this our slogan: "farm to table"
4. Encapsulate phages so they are delivered "appropriately"
4.I'm sure there are tons more.

I'll get links on these soon.
Can anyone add to it?

"Fullerenes, spherical clusters of carbon atoms, are one of the more mature “building blocks” in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Potential commercial applications of fullerenes range from therapeutics to displays to solar cells. Over the last two decades, substantial investments in research and development of fullerenes and fullerene-based products have resulted in large numbers of patents and patent applications." The Fullerene Patent Landscape in Europe.

And lets not forget:

"The properties of nanoparticles are not governed by the same physical laws as larger particles, but by quantum mechanics. The physical and chemical properties of nanoparticles – for example, colour, solubility, strength, chemical reactivity and toxicity - can therefore be quite different from those of larger particles of the same substance"

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