March 2, 2009

Victory for Austria and Hungary: gmo ban on corn holds

BRUSSELS (AFP) — EU nations refused Monday to force Austria and Hungary to allow the cultivation of Monsanto genetically modified maize, defying a call from the European Commission, the Czech EU presidency said.

Only five of the 27 European Union nations -- Britain, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Estonia -- supported the EU executive's bid to force the two member states to lift their ban.

In Vienna Austrian Environment Minister Nikolaus Berlakovich hailed the vote as an "historic victory."

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Isabelle said...

Interesting how Washington frames the problem as a "protectionist" issue. I'm sure Washington agrees with the European Commission that there is no valid scientific reason to reject the GM maize. Even if GM maize is completely safe it appears that no country is allowed to say "no" to growing it. Something smells with Monsanto.

By the way, a very catchy tune. If you can turn that into a four minute song then it could become the anthem of the anti-GM movement.

anne said...

Hard to accept their statement (its safe) when FDA's own scientists claim that the studies are seriously compromised..see

The tune Isabelle is referring to is here: