March 2, 2009

Need an ample inside job today

I posted a new photo of the onions in the potting house, whose growth in a week is quite amazing. I am waiting for the weather to match my readiness for change, a calm windless day so I can get my plastic up on the hoophouse, move the onions and start a new batch of seedlings, for example. Its bloody cold outside, with ice pellets and a river that one could still skate away on. So its another inside day for this gal.

I'm going to work on yet another plastering project. I have a very old house, whose plastered walls were in varying states of decrepitude when I bought her. I am pretty happy with the transformation of the stairway plaster:

On the top floor of the house (there are 4 - if you count the basement!) are 2 very large rooms, with the old wood floors and a view to the garden, river and beyond. The plaster is cracked and crumbling, and I've removed the old peeling layers of wall paper.

I'll secure the sound plaster to the lathes with handy dandy washers and screws, drywall tape the worst of the cracks and lay on a new coat of plaster.

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