March 25, 2009

toxic assets

"Toxic assets are the equivalent of genetically modified crops and rampant pesticide use. Seems like a swell idea at the time, in order to get a huge crop out of the ground, yet the future for eaters is completely unknown--but suspected to be very dangerous. And in terms of food safety, it's the Big Ag corporations that have been routinely responsible for the jumbo poisoning outbreaks, such as Cargill with ground beef, Tyson's and Smithfield for chicken with salmonella, Dole and Mission Organics for spinach and salmonella. Think these corporations aren't getting federal subsidy bucks--your money? Think again. If they're not getting direct subsidy payments from the federal government, they're buying their products from farmers who do."

Check out provoking questions from Obama Foodorama posted on Marler's Blog

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Isabelle said...

Thanks for posting this ... it is an excellent read and points out how much misplaced outrage there is when it comes to what's ultimately important ... like just what are we really eating every day?