March 18, 2009

Gmo free; Ifugao terraces Philippine


I want to do a post about some regions where communities have declared their independence from, and repudiation of, Genetically Engineered Organisms, them what you like. Places like Nelson and other places in B.C., the Yukon, the Transdanubia in Hungary, parts of Ireland, for example. Here is a neat map.

This place caught my attention today, as Greenpeace reported it, and as the pictures are reminiscent of Sri Lanka in the hills with the rice paddies, where I spent a very lovely month. It is stunning engineering, both of water and soil and of ancestral seed resources.
Greenpeace March 17

Ifugao Rice Terraces declared GMO-Free Zone

Ifugao, PHILIPPINES — The iconic Philippine Rice Terraces in Ifugao Province, a UNESCO Living Cultural Heritage site, was declared a genetically-modified organism (GMO)-Free zone. The historic declaration, which is in line with the province’s commitment to preserve the integrity of the country’s most enduring cultural symbol...
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nancybond said...

...guardians of this living cultural heritage of humanity...

Those words jumped off the page at me. We should all be such guardians.