March 31, 2009

truth needs no prop

Some people you just don't want to talk to; that has been an ongoing realization for me and it's sometimes a difficult task. I like a good argument. I like to see learning taking place. I've made a little progress in the work of holding my tongue, but it takes discipline and resolve not to engage. I especially don't want to be used, slid somehow surreptiously into the deceptions.

I'm thinking here of the NEW BLOG by (Mon.....) which I won't link to (you'll find it). It seems just another opportunity for propaganda, indoctrination and denial. There are many strategies that farm industrialists are using to win over the masses. They have had the advantage of a passive media and goons in governement and I guess see blogging as yet another of their P.R. schemes.

The comments within the posts have some decent counter argument, at the moment, I must say, and it will be interesting to see where that goes...but my bets are
an inept, mean, censorial farce-up.

But I will not engage the big chemical gene corp in it's blogging indoctrination program. There is no question that it might be an amusing or a stimulating challenge. Slay the dragon with undeniable truthes ... make them say uncle.
But it's not going to happen.

I will, however, step forward in my own space here, on occasion, and write about subjects they eviscerate. But I won't fess up my (final) motivation to post.

Truth needs no propoganda; It is clearly seen. One needs examples of it it before one. This is why I believe communities working toward food sovereignty are so powerful and frightening to food industrialists. The profit is found in centralized, monopolized systems. not in small scale diverse regions. But this type of farming (local, diverse, small, self suficient) has and will continue to be shown to be productive, regenerative, and contribute toward healthy communities.

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