January 23, 2009

Jazz Grandmother

On a lighter note, check out, if you haven't already, my Grandmother in this 1928 vitaphone swinging with Band Beautiful. Irving Berlin composed a score for them in the Zeigfeld Follies. They had spent the previous year traveling around the world with their show. My Uncle has her scrapbook, which I've never seen. While I do take after my grandmother in many ways, a music talent I have very little of. Lets just say, I did carry a bassoon home 3 miles from school on a regular basis, and I struggled through years of bassoon lesson agony with that ackward old maple horn. It spent more time under the shade of a tree while I played kick the can. In this video she picks up the bassoon, after the cello the banjo and clarinet like nobody's business. She never told me she played the bassoon. Want more 20s Jazz? Check out this sexy sizzling hot dance.

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