January 18, 2009

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Spelt is third from left.

Spelt, quinoa, kamut are not "grains", so sayeth the Canadian Grain Commission. No, the food stuff of the ancients and lucrative crop for organic farmers are "matter other than cereal grain". The CGC is mandated (by the people of Canada) to ensure the fair treatment of farmers, assisting in the infrastructure to get the grain to market. see. Spelt which is higher in protein and minerals than wheat was grown in Iran 5,000 years ago. Quinoa, "the Mother grain" has been cherished in the Andes for 6,000 years...and its my favorite grain.

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Spelt, quinoa, Kamut not "grains": CGC

Don't count on protection from the Canadian Grain Commission if you're growing Kamut, spelt or quinoa.
The CGC on Friday ruled that the three crops, often described as "heritage" or "ancient" grains, are not considered "grain" as defined in the Canada Grain Act.

Thus, the CGC will not set up a grade schedule for the crops, nor will a farmer selling any of those crops be eligible for payment security coverage on deliveries, if a CGC licensee doesn't pay the farmer. Those commodities won't be included when the CGC calculates its security requirements for its licensees.

This also means farmers who grow any of the three crops will not have the right to refer to the CGC to determine grade and/or dockage.
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