January 13, 2009

EU poised to ban pesticides

The European Parliament has voted to tighten rules on pesticide use and ban at least 22 chemicals deemed harmful to human health.
The UK government, the Conservatives and the National Farmers' Union all oppose the new rules, saying they could hit yields and increase food prices.
The rules have not yet been approved by the 27 member states' governments.
The draft law would ban substances that can cause cancer or that can harm human reproduction or hormones.
UK farmers say the law would "seriously threaten" UK food production. It could wipe out the carrot industry and seriously affect many other crops, the National Farmers' Union has warned. more


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Mr. H said...


Thank you for these informative articles. Perhaps someday the people in the U.S. will take the blinders off and realize (care about) what we are doing to the planet.

Keep thinking of spring!

Mr. H