January 29, 2009

So what is it CDC? Delusional parasitosis or a nano/transgene pathology?

There is a mystery a foot in California and pockets of Texas and Florida. The Center for Disease Control has taken on the task of investigating the mysterious syndrome, effecting thousands of individuals. The CDC has contracting the research to Kaiser Permanante and the pathology to the US Army, but the budget for their study is minuscule ($300,000+) considering the preliminary data and possible source of the disease.
About 10 years ago, patients started presenting with bizarre symptoms marked by skin legions, strange colourful fibers that erupted from the skin and neurological symptoms such as "brain fog" and painful skin sensations. In that 10 years the diagnosis has evolved from Delusional Parasitosis, Obsessive Picking Disorder and is now referred to as Unexplained Dermopathy or Morgellons Disease.
There are some, including California Neurologist Ed Spencer, who believe this is a disease related to nanotechnology given the nature of fibers that withstand burning at temperatures of 1400F and of the unknown materials found in the fibers in the patients skin. see Randy Wymore of the University of Oklahoma has examined these fibers in multiple patients and can find no natural precedent for the material. Listen to an interview with Randy Wymore here http://www.healthsciences.okstate.edu/morgellons/Wymore_1-2.mp3 or check out his research at the University of Oklahoma. Another mysterious finding by Suny researcher Vitaly Citovsky found that "Morgellons skin fibers appear to contain cellulose. This observation indicates possible involvement of pathogenic Agrobacterium, which is known to produce cellulose fibers at infection sites within host tissues"..."PCR screening indicated the presence of Agrobacterium genes derived both from the chromosome and from the Ti plasmid, including the T-DNA, in tissues from both Morgellons patients". Agrobacterium (the common soil bacteria causing tumorous Crown Gall) is used extensively in biotechnology to introduce the transgene into genetically modified plants.


Isabelle said...

I wonder how a person can build up an immunity to this sort of biological threat? It really makes the idea that smoking is bad for one's health almost laughable! Just when I think I can't be shocked anymore you come up with another one ... keep the stories coming.

Bishops Homegrown said...

My mother suffers from this particular disorder herself. The doctors told her she was more or less crazy and she really hasn't been quite right since then for whatever reason, she did find a doctor that is trying to help her, but my guess is the damage has already been done to her mentally, when enough folks tell you that you are crazy you start to believe it. I wish there was more I could do for her, but I unfortunately don't know what it would be. Thank you for covering this my friend.

anne said...

I'm so sorry Alan, that must be awful. Has she had anyone autopsy the fibers - is she part of a study? If its too personal to ask no worries my friend.