January 16, 2009

Research that indicates hazards of Genetically Modified food

New research adds to the weight of damning evidence against the safety of GM food
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

The Italian government’s National Institute of Research on Food and Nutrition has just published a report online in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry documenting significant disturbances in the immune system of young and old mice that have been fed the GM maize MON 810 [1]. This follows hot on the heels of results released by the Austrian government showing that GM Maize Reduces Fertility & Deregulates Genes in Mice (SiS 41) [2]. These revelations confirm a string of previous findings on adverse health impacts of GM food and feed, leave us in little doubt that GM is Dangerous and Futile (SiS 40) [3]. Proponents should stop misleading the public that GM food and feed is safe. Read more about these reports here

The Institute for Science in Society has compiled a dossier of 160 referenced articles:
Hazards Ignored, Fraud, Regulatory Sham, Violation of Farmers' Rights

A comprehensive dossier containing more than 160 fully referenced articles from the Science in Society archives presented to the European Parliament 12 June 2007

The contents of the Dossier can be viewed here:


Isabelle said...

Maybe it's just me but I cannot open any of the pdf files on the second link referenced in your post ("The contents of the Dossier can be viewed here: ..."). Something about an invalid path.

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Hi Isabelle,
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