January 1, 2009

Some 2008 victories

Some 2008 good news highlights

* A new path for global agriculture
* UN: Organic farming can feed Africa
* New Zealand bans endosulfan
* EPA unveils new rules for fumigant pesticides
* Bhopal victory as India vows to pursue Dow
* Organic farm wins $1m pesticide drift suit
* California enacts new laws; halts LBAM spray
* Washington State investigates drift
* Canadian provinces ban landscape chemicals
* Bees thrive in pesticide-free Paris



Isabelle said...

I did some quick reading on the Bhopal/Union Carbide piece. I was surprised to read there are still outstanding matters regarding this disaster. Here is a weblink to the Union Carbide page (http://www.bhopal.com/) ... they seem to believe the matter has been resolved.

anne said...

No serious on going problems ...far from resolved