January 28, 2009

aluminum nano particles in your chocolate bar?

As I have written elsewhere, the use of nanoparticles are already prevalent in food packaging and some food products in N.A. Regulations seem to be slow to follow the technology in Europe as well. This despite alarming concerns for their safety.

Legislation urged for nano based materials
By Jane Byrne, 23-Jan-2009

Switzerland’s Centre for Technology Assessment (TA-Swiss) has called for the existing legislation on foods and chemicals to be adapted to meet the demands of nanotechnology.

"The Bern-based TA-SWISS, which describes its role as imparting knowledge that is as independent as possible on the repercussions, opportunities and risks of new technologies, has conducted a study into nano packaging materials and food additives already in use in Switzerland.

The report, Nanotechnology in the food sector, concludes that in view of the international flows of goods, global or at least Europe-wide regulation is required in relation to nano-particles in packaging and products. ....

In the form of composite films, wafer-thin nano coatings of aluminium, for example, or aluminium oxide protect snacks or chocolate bars packed in them from oxygen, water vapour and flavour substances. Nanoparticles are also used in polyethylene terephthalate PET bottles, to improve the blocking properties of bottles against oxygen in particular".

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