January 3, 2009

human and self powered pumps

follow this link for an excellent collection of tradition pumps, including the self powering hydraulic ram.

A (not as pretty) modern version that looks pretty amazing. Its the "the Super MoneyMaker Pump—yes, that's the real name—sucks up water from sources as many as 30 feet below the ground, can spray it up to 40 feet high, and can even push it through 1,000 feet of hose to cover a larger section of land. In all, the pump can irrigate two acres of land, and costs only around $100". here


Patrick said...

I read about these small pumps available to farmers in the developing world, and I keep wondering why I can't get a nifty pump like that for my garden.

Any idea why they aren't available to 'ordinary' people like us? Are people in the developing world the only ones allowed to perform manual labor to irrigate their land?

anne said...

Are you really ordinary Patrick...I don't believe it! The money maker pump is available here : http://kickstart.org/purchase/index.html
They won't ship to western Europe, but will ship a container load to eastern Europe...maybe you could round up enough people to make that worthwhile!