April 7, 2009

pricking out basil

I was pricking out in the basil in the hoop house yesterday, I worked up quite a sweat while the sun shone, but step outside and the wind was settling a chill out there. Inside it is a lovely sauna with the st aw bale plywood bench along one side and close to full with brassicas, lettuce, onions leeks herbs. The potting house has run out of room and my test of a the flat of climate for basil succeeded- and all the little cuties have survived.

The turnips have long gone as is the better quality hay and the cows are really eye-balling the fall rye in my garden on the other side of the electric fence tape. The ground is still wet and spongy but there is some firmer ground for them around the far side of the garden. So their first traverse onto the first stretch of their rotation begins today - I'm give them a tiny piece of the rye too - I'll put sunflowers and dahlias there after they move on. Alex is pretty happy.

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