April 26, 2009

solar concentration and steam power


The Annapolis valley has been having its annual spring clean up where all manner of junk, of one person's order, gets set to the curb for the big brown trucks. Good timing, because as the work becomes full-on I like to day dream about something to build. Sometimes it gets built, and sometimes it is just very pleasurable to be weeding or shoveling and daydream about, in this case, a solar concentrator dish for steam power.

On the curb I found a dissecting microscope that works and a 4 foot satellite dish. A pal down the road, who scours the valley for treasures at the roads side has his eyes open for an antique (30s/4os) compressor because maybe we might make a steam engine out of it..oh and mirror bits. This is the type of place where you might find that kind of thing lying about as one person's junk.

I am going to set broken mirrors in the parabola that she is (maybe first I'll pop a microphone up in it to listen closer to the peepers (frogs) and birds) but it is a little steam engine that I really want to mount.
This great guy uses his to boil his spaghetti, but imagine if the pot were a pressure canner - it would make an interesting garden ornament, particularly if the steam powered a little engine that wound round a track, or spun a propellor on a wee hummingbird.
Or, ok, a practical thing then...perhaps an alternator would fit some how.

Perhaps the massive gold bowls found from Mayan antiquity were used to collect this electromagnetic power, perhaps that was what was on the spot we've assumed are cap stones on the ancient pyramids?

What I am sure of though is that sun to steam to electricity sounds good to me.

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