April 12, 2009

Snowing at Easter; but not in the hoophouse

The wind is howling and gusting from several directions, throwing a wet mess of snow every which way. A red soup in low spots and green vivid patches of grass through the snow is my walk to the barn.

The cows are closed up in the barn because Alex has a cold. And its nasty out there.
My hoophouse is full of tomatoes, peepers and basil among the other cooler weather seedling that can handle the cold. It is closed up tight too.

but the warm stuff is tucked under row cover and is on top of the manure pits I sunk in a few spots in the center of the house.

They survived last night's cold.

Here are some tomatoes and basil I was midway through transplanting.

Lettuce starts surviving

Here is lovely combination that seems to thrive together. Now I need to prick them out!

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Anonymous said...

Anne, your seedlings are certainly thriving. I do wish it would warm up just a bit here in the Valley. At least we didn't get the snow that was originally forecast. :)