April 17, 2009

Ecuador opens door to terminator seeds?

I'm exhausted from the day's work but this makes me take note...a thing worth precious vigilence.

ETC Group press release, April 17:

Terminating Food Sovereignty in Ecuador?
President opens door to Terminator seeds

On February 18, 2009, the Ecuadorian Congress approved a new Law on Food Sovereignty, which, among other important points, declared the country “free of transgenic crops and seeds.” However, in spite of vocal popular opposition, the legislation left the door open to approvals of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in “exceptional” cases. Now, President Rafael Correa has proposed several changes to the legislation – in what is known in Ecuador as a partial-veto – and sent it back to the Congress. The president's changes dangerously weaken the law and open the door to Terminator seeds.

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Anonymous said...

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Anne have you checked out the u.s. proposed bills HR 875 and others the effective implementation of the u.s. adoption of codex alimentarus?

Bill c-51 which died with the election, and is promised to be redone (Tony Clement said so)sounds very similar in design, purpose and intent.

the soothesayers are mired their existence foretold, always chasing, chasing fool's gold.