April 23, 2009

mice, cows and me

Brrr. Its cold and windy and wet. The cows are bellowing to go out to pasture but I am reluctant to open up the gate; the ground is soft and they'll sink, slip and break the sod up into an unruly mess. They'll have to be patient in their paddock with their barn and last year's hay.

There are mice and wire worms making haste with the lettuce I transplanted into a hoophouse bed. Now its an empty row with little lettuce bits the mouse was too sloppy or full to finish. The beets in the same bed have been nibbled, I see... but the mouse prefers the brunia lettuce.

The beds I've planted in the field are swollen and heavy, the seeds sit in the cold and wet soil, their genes waiting for that warm signal.

We are all waiting for a warm signal.

I might just be the hobo poet on the road before long, if the mice. the wet and the wind keep it up.


Ruralrose said...

I use peppermint oil on rags to keep mice away from my seedlings. I started using it in the house to keep mice away, it now also keeps them out of the feed. Too bad you don't have chickens they will clean up worms in no time. Difficult beginning can prelude sublime success. Prayers from me - peace for all

ChristyACB said...

For me it is the normally polite rabbit and the cucubits as they rise up.

Argh. I feel your pain!

Today the weather is great here and for the first time we are scheduled for a fine and sunny weekend. What about you?

anne said...

Yes things are better today, the wind has died down and I had a chance to work in the sunshine, get the remay down and cheer up. Working out where to put peas and potatoes, lettuce leek and onion transplants. Pics shortly.
I don't have rabbits luckily for them (yum).