April 14, 2009

degradation ....take new root!

Stephen McFadden at The Call of the Land, has a post that is symbiotic to the current theme and comments, here on agrariangrrl - its nasty out there but we don't have to start from scratch and we are and will be the food pheonix rising! Great models and systems already exist, in this case urban gardens - I saw this so magnificiently when I was in Cuba.

"The existing and emerging agrarian models are oases of environmental health and stability. They bear potential to radiate out widely across the land as they are emulated, improved upon, and refined into networks.

Stories about these keystone agrarian models continue to appear in US and Canadian media, as well as internationally. These are not just good ideas and projects, they are essential."

Check his great post, As land and climate degrade, urban farms take root

Now I'm off to work on my great food sovereignty project (shovel in hand today to help move along water, clear drain pipes and think about new ditches.

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