April 4, 2009

Sorting information

By god there is a lot of biosolids out there on the internet, misinformation, detritus.

It isn't so much the occurrences that are hard to sort: I saw the picture of Obama's deep low bow, it was swift - but also shocking. The tales spun of it are where things get stinky though. I'm willing to say it was more akin to Trudeau's piroette behind the Queen. But go ahead and watch for yourself, the whole video is fascinating.

But jeeze Obama, what was with the quality of your grin?
And why bow to a brutal, despot that bore the alleged 9l1 culprits and whose human rights record is among the worst.

Who are all the people in the picture? I see World Bank Zoellick and Stauss/Kahn of the IMF... Queen Elizabeth. Don't know the other people posing for this "family" photo in addition to the G20 leaders. Are kissinger, brzezinski, shapiro and others hiding behind those curtains?....But wait now we are entering deep, unknown territory and there is a poop alert.

I hope that there are actual people's aspirations behind the leadership of China, Brazil, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Argentina, South Africa - countries that were given more influence allegedly, and whose behaviour at this gathering has more decorum, than some. I can't help but note that with a few fabulously exciting exceptions, many of these countries have transferred the colonizers institutions to its own elite, or adapted the game, or are still colonized in principle. This does not represent the people of the world; it speaks for the elite of the world.

Why do these wealthy countries get to decide for us.

If indeed the actions will be to regulate and supervise shadow banking, hedge funds, tax havens...great.
We shall see.

I'm going to read some press from Latin America and see what their take is on it and will update this post here.

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