April 11, 2009

Kemerova, Russia economic innovations: free land, support and seed

This is fabulous idea!

Farming to save crisis. Russia Today
11 April, 2009, 16:45

Russia’s Kemerovo region governor, Aman Tuleev, has come up with a plan to survive during the economic crisis. He plans to offer land, as well as privileged seeds and domestic animals to those in need.

Under the project, Kemerovo region authorities will give a quarter-acre to families with unemployed parents. The fortunate farmers will be offered assistance in tilling the ground, as well as in buying potatoes for cultivation. Meanwhile, those who decide to buy and rear cows will be granted 30 thousand rubles (around 900 dollars) in support. Meanwhile, those who cannot keep big domestic animals will have an opportunity to take rabbits for breeding.

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