November 12, 2008

Nanobots in Your Grub

Just as the issues of Genetically Modified foods are becoming another sad planetary fact ignored by most - Something new rears its ugly molecules into our porridge. The facts that GMOs are unlabeled in supermarket shelves, that their genes are pervasive and at times aggressive in the environment and that much research points to health and ecological risks hasn't stopped us from pushing the disregard for the Precautionary Principle one step further.
We are saturated and survival has become not just a physical need but an intellectual and emotional one. How can we add yet another objection to our democracy, one more change to strive toward.
Yes, one more thing we need to regulate if not out-right ban: Nanotechnology and particularly in the food system. Nutrients delivered by micro-molecular machines, for example. The science of the lab to replace that life of attentive observation and experience that has been, for fifties of centuries, farming. To rationalize the technology as a means to feed a hungry planet, is just insulting to those of us who have been displaced from the land for one reason or another. It is innovation for innovation and greed's sake.
What these nanobots might do in the body or environment is for us to discover, at some sooner or later time. Why is the Precautionary Principle not a guiding pillar of Health Canada and CFIA regulation?

The link will lead you to a list of Nanotech consumer products.

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