November 13, 2008

Double Helix

Is it a coincidence that both birkeland currents and DNA are helicoidal shape?

"The research indicates that the double helix shape of DNA is due to the electrical potential. Molecular points of equal potential in space can be interconnected by equipotential "lines" that generate perpendicular electrostatic forces. The combination of these forces obliges the components of the whole molecule to twist to one side or the other side. The dipole momentum of DNA was described by S. Takashima in 1963. His study was published in the Journal of Molecular Biology under "Dielectric Dispersion of DNA".

"In the times of Watson and Crick, molecular biologists attributed the double-helix shape of DNA to the assymetry of hydrogen bonds, i.e. the bond between Adenine and thymine is a double bond, while between Guanine and Cytosine there is a triple bond. However, the real molecules with large strands formed by T-A or G-C exhibit the helicoidal shape, anyway. Thus the cause of that particular shape couldn't be the simplest explanation. It was then that biologists investigated the real cause and found that DNA molecules were affected by strong electric forces."

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