November 17, 2008

Melamine in our own front yards and chickens

Driving home today down the valley past the closed farm gate shops and combined GMO corn fields, past the strawberry fields all covered with remay, fabric fields ghostly against the next all tufty rust and black. Then through the towns with clear bags of leaves under the ancient oaks on the curb tempting for the empty dodge.... but what else is in them? Perhaps melamine. Excess nitrogen fertilizer raked up and bagged with the lushous leaf mold and in the grassy cling-ons. Nitrogen fertilizer doped with Melamine. You can see it apparently too on the black soil surface, as a white salty substance.

There are no chickens running freerange through these ample fall fields. They are strangely quiet. Chickens roost somehow somewhere else, like in the mega barns humming dusty feathers. And these chickens? Are they tested for Melamine?

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