November 18, 2008

bugs are (or) us

I was cleaning out the oldest barn this afternoon that has several generations of carefully collected oddities and bits, some of them rather questionable in their cleanliness. So when I came in to make supper, I washed my hands.
I don't always do this when I come in from the farm, I must admit, as someone told me (my Dad) "everyone should eat a peck of dirt before they're dead" and I took this to mean that micro-organisms are a healthy part of things and unavoidable.
Anyway, given that it was more toxic substances than kindly earthly materials, I scrubbed up with a lovely smelling goat milk soap. - not the antibacterial kind because this well could contain unregulated nano-silver.

Nano-silver is being touted as a miracle disinfectant wowing microbe-phobes with claims of making things "permanently anti-microbial".
We are being silently inundated with Nanotech products in various forms and "healthfulness" has been the hook to make us dumb. Nano-silver is in industrial disinfectants, laundry soap, toothpaste, underwear, hair products, etc, etc.
Are we so afraid of nature? Will our compulsions for cleanliness make us really quite sick?
We leave the bathroom with our hands covered in a different type of "dirt" and while we may not catch a cold the following week, what longer term health effects might there be? We don't know and it doesn't look good. My advise is to eat organic garlic, wash with a good natural soap a peck of soil before you're dead.

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