November 23, 2008

Blog Newby

Thanks Pat at Bifurcated Carrots for giving me a nod. I am new to this blogging world and wasn't quite sure about the value of my time, and if my voice had one more thing to offer. So thanks for the confidence (and blog traffic) boost! I am having a great time and learning many things in the process. Just a little correction: I'm farming in Nova Scotia, having moved here this spring from British Columbia. I did work in Alberta one winter and wrote a song about the experience.
Its still snowing and blowing! Shovel a path and its covered in snow an hour later. The grass under the dry powder is a deep green and warm, but this freezes in short order and covers again with blowing snow. So I'm going to let it fly awhile and wait for new weather conditions. The snow drifts on the squalling side of the neighbour's unharvested trangenic corn are magnificent. I'm off to take some video of it. Posting them will have to wait, as I lost the cable in my move, and by the look of the truck in a snow drift, a trip to Halifax will have to wait.

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