November 12, 2008

Courage to add my voice

The cold weather is beginning to settle in, the cows are content in their new barn and very pleased with the sweet hay I have stacked in the loft above them. My firewood is in and the tomatoes all canned. I'm not going to freeze in the packing house washing winter roots this year, or go off to work in Alberta. So apart from the ordering seeds and equipment for next season's field, I am free to digest all the things I have been reading for the past several years. This winter I'm going to cultivation a new field. It is very fertile, lush and promising but suffers overgrown and tangled. May this blog be a good way to lay out the divergent ideas and inspirations and find out how they link. Because, oh yes, they link.

1 comment:

Patrick said...

What a great blog!

I'm really looking forward to following along as you write, and watching what happens on your farm. I'm really happy I found you. Thanks for linking to me in your blogroll.