February 4, 2009


There has been a big storm here and I've been snowed in. So I used powdered ginger in a lemon ginger bread I made yesterday, and I'd wager its a Chinese product. It has a very sharp, amplified, lingering taste; something not quite right about it.
I had heard that spices were being subject to special milling to make into nanoparticles, so I did a google search. And yes, it appears there is nano-ginger. There are several Chinese companies Mill Powder Tech Solution that "Really grasping the Hi-Tech skill of grinding the international-grade of nanometer powder". Lets just hope they clean the machine after nanotizing silicon zirconium borax or magnesium stearate - and other stuff they advertise to mill. Nanoginger particles I worry less about then the contaminates, chemicals on the ginger that are milled along side.
I called the number on the package, was put on hold a long time while she looked up the bar code, and was told that she didn't know the origin of the product (let alone if it was nano particulates, she has to contact the manufacturer; I will keep you posted.

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