March 25, 2010


The lil Bud won't sit still for an honest pic,,,I'll see if I can improve on these today and capture some visuals of this (after the rain came, now frozen, windy but the sun is out) buddin place.

March 22, 2010

reduced tillage and dryland farming

We've had no rain to speak of for a few weeks and word is it'll be a dry year; Eric and Anne Nordell have powerful and well developed tools to produce healthy soil and crops in dry conditions. Here is a good video that, although modeled with horses, could be applied to any power regime. Also worth watching to check out Eric's swell beard.

March 19, 2010

GE Seed controls

Time to act!
Because of our voices there is a chance Bill C-474 can pass: Next debate March 29!

Take Action on CBAN

small men big women: gloves!

Is it just me or is it pretty hard to find good work gloves for these big woman hands? I expect its a small man's size too. The small brands are minuscule; the medium are ridiculously roomy. The inbetween, the regular, they are hard to come by.