June 24, 2009

what is an Energy Beet?

"A farmer in Nova Scotia holds an experimental "energy beet." source

"the energy beet, a hybrid beet that you can't eat, has been grown only experimentally... The first commercial-scale bioenergy plant (of its kind).... would use a genetically engineered sugar beet called an energy beet to produce low-carbon transportation fuel, an advanced biofuel used as a gasoline additive.

Wayne Simmons, a professional engineer who has worked on a similar Maibach project in Nova Scotia for about two and a half years, said the energy beet is a 2- to 3-pound tuber grown in California, Japan and parts of southern Canada."

"It's new to this part of the U.S.," he said.

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Also read how "companies are trying to cut costs by genetically engineering ethanol crops with built-in enzymes", like alpha-amylase corn and sugar beets

And the thread on this blog from this theme (transgenic energy beets for ethanol on prime Canadian agricultural farm land.

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