June 18, 2009

put the needle on the record

I post this smart video not because I agree with all the theories herein, but with rhymes made with sharp jabs about "the message of the jab" and the evils "hidden inside the prick" these beats describe a
"conspiracy, of yeah I sense a couple of plots"

Besides, its good to hear what some of the people are thinking.


Mr. H said...

Hi Anne,

I'm with you on this one, no needles for me. I have no interest in being a guinea pig for the CDC, pharmaceutical companies, or any other health or government organization.

By the way, your crops are looking fabulous!


anne said...

Hi Mike, yours are gorgeous too, thanks. "Getting read for winter"? Oh my god man you are too organized.

While I don't agree with everything in the song...there are some very strange goings on, some of which they do rap about.