June 30, 2009

carrots and chelonians

Curls behind the willow fence beyond some spuds and buckwheat. Have they seen my illusive visitors?

Looking over the garden near the slow moving river up from which they come. Some of their trysts are evident in among the recently planted beds.

a close up of the soil angels seen here in a bed of just emerged late carrots.

There are these soft white round eggs dribbled about here and there...

Nova Scotia has 4 species of fresh water turtle, 3 with ellipsoid eggs and the snapping turtle's are spherical. I haven't dug up the turtle made depression in the carrots, but I should (and will take a photo) excavate a tiny window to see if it is a nest.

If so I guess It will be companion planting of an unexpected but rather lovely kind.

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mostlypurple said...

COOL!complanion planting~lol