June 17, 2009

low down green

I have tackled plenty of 500 foot rows of things to hand weed, like carrot where there are four laps of them in the bed, but here on my new place, the end of the row comes like a surprise. I love the interaction, the intimacy, getting low down with the garden, the moments squatting and traveling along bright lacy green carrots full of ladybugs and other splendid things.

I do many different types of "weeding": tilling, cover cropping, hoeing - I till the paths with a walk behind and scuff with my foot. I want to make a little snap-on hoe for the front of my boot - that would be really handy. In the past, with many more acres to weed, I used several mechanical implements on the tractor.

But the most pleasant hours in the garden are when I am off the machine, slowed right down by a squat, and fully present with the life of the garden.


Ruralrose said...

I couldn't agree more, weeding is also my delight! We do indeed have similar gardening styles - organic companion permaculture - I too knock down weeds as I walk - so you will know I fight grass in my beds

I broke down and wrote something person on my blog come see if you like - of bliss - peace for all

anne said...

ya , grass. I like to have a wee bit extra land so if need be I can cover crop to get rid of the grass ( 2 plantings of buckwheat then oats is good). This year there is a bit..but it is in wee patches dispersed over the 1 1/2 acre garden, nothing a fork isn't addressing.

Are you eating spuds yet? I have a few from a stray plant in the greenhouse which was there to trap wireworms.

reggae on

anne said...

oh and BTW, I don't do permaculture everywhere if that included no tilling. I would't be able to pay my taxes growing permaculture carrots. I'd have to switch to plums and nuts or like...mabe I will...these are long on the land crops and I've been a bit of a hayseed drifter.