June 19, 2009

Meguma and me

I've been reliving history, listening to the stones, so to speak, a very ancient story. Our world plays abstractly with exponential numbers in billions and trillions these days what with an exploding debt..I'm just daydreaming back a few hundred million years...not so long; It is relevant.

For example, it seems this patch of land started its journey in quite a different place. The Gondwana fragment broke off early, drifted about, was transformed with fire, heaving plates, molten stone, was whittled and sculpted by water and wind and somehow attached itself to the bit (Avalon) that was a part of Laurasia. Now its south western Nova Scotia. It seems my new home may have been close to the very beginning of things being on the early supercontinent Gondwana with what is now Africa, Antartica, Middle east and South america! Blessed be Meguma!

Now the folded spiraling mountains, lava, deep deep silt, and quartz pebbles make more sense; the land changes quite perceptively along the fault line from Chedabucto Bay to Cobequid Bay although it is tenuously "stitched" with layers of silt, rock and root.

So I daydream as I'm walking from task to task....floating on a bit of rock and sediment... were there lizards...mammals... are there any plants left from those so many million years ago. Was this land attached to Madagascar, West Africa or Crete? Was this near one of the four rivers? Perhaps the jasper, chalcedony and milky quartz water smoothed pebbles in the garden were once handled by children, or given to a lover in the garden of Eden.

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ChristyACB said...

What an awesome way to think of it! Not many people do. I like ot go to my shore in the back yard and say high to my immediate neighbors across the atlantic too. :)