May 27, 2010

Spring farm photos

Lil bud shaking dirt off the grass clods, peas in background.

he has lots of sticks to choose from as I have a scrap fence in progress

Notice Bud's skill on path walking, here garlic and onions sets visible, seeds just up. Jumping over beds is still a work in progress as exemplified below (broad beans).

Click the pic to enlarge the spinach, salads, turnip and radish under the row cover.

the early starts are out and transplanted from the hoophouse and its now planted to basil.


Antique ART Garden said...

Funny shots of your dog. I have a ' garden dog ' but she is really too big for my garden. Yours has more room to roam, thanks for the post ! Gina

Ruth Trowbridge said...

Oh Anne, thanks for posting these, just love to see the whole place. And your new dog, what fun!