December 6, 2008

Food Sovereignty Can Cool Down the Earth!

Via Campesina's position on NFCCC (United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change)

"Small-farmers and peasant communities are among the first victims of climate change. Everywhere, in our fields, amongst the plants we cultivate and the animals we raise, the consequences of climate change are palpable. ....

However, it seems that farming communities are more threatened now by the so-called solutions to climate change promoted by corporate interests, G8 countries, the World Trade Organization and the World Bank, than by climate change in itself. Industrial agrofuels, climate-ready seeds, fertilization of oceans and carbon-trading schemes, both deepen and widen the privatization of all natural resources on Earth and thus exclude local communities from access to those resources which where once called the Commons: land, water, seeds and now, perhaps, even the air we breathe" read it here

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Lucy said...

I'm very suspicious of carbon trading.

Lucy Corrander