December 7, 2008

cows love turnips

If you were wondering what I was meaning by a mangle chopper in my post the other day, my friend Isabelle found a picture of one. The roots ( fodder beet or carrot or turnip) get dumped on those tines, fall down onto an iron drum with blades that cut them to pieces so the cows won't choke. Click on it to go to a series of old farm equipment from the Cottonwood House Historic Site of Pioneer Farming in B.C

I have my turnips all loaded up for the cows and they got a few tonight and seem to like them better than carrots but not quite up there with apples. My chopper doesn't have that elaborate wheel on the side, just a big iron handle. I suppose you could use it to make coleslaw, or chop potatoes too if you had a really big crowd for dinner; a farm grrl food processor.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

That's what I need for my cow roots, I only feed them to the Guernsey, but she knows how much I care when she sees them cut with a knife!

I've had the best luck with parsnips, a tip from an old edition of Feeds and Feeding. Mangels, and carrots supply too much sugar, so I use those as condiments for the cow. Great blog.

Lucy said...


I found you through Blotanical and tried to put this blog on the list of those I am 'following' but a note came up from Google saying you don't have a feed.

I don't know how this can be - but I thought I'd let you know in case other people hit the same problem.

Lucy Corrander

anne said...

Hi Lucy, I've just been at this blog for a little under a month and so don't really understand all the features...but I do know that there are others who receive feed. Perhaps someone else can assist with this question.

anne said...

Hi Throwback. I like your blog too! Welcome.
Yes, my cows and I developed our comraderie around tasty treats: first it was windfall pears, or the fence moved to a particularly succulent vetch patch. Now its turnips! Mine are mixed nuts, but predominantly belted galloway. Heffers but well in calf and yes I'm going to milk one.
Thanks for writing