December 11, 2008

A day in the garden

The cows and I spent the day in the light misty rain and was pleased to see Cheeky Butt back to her leaping and high kicking self. All the snow has gone (again) with an amazingly warm wind and rain for the past couple of days. I was working in the garden on my hoophouse which is starting to look pretty decent. I'm excited about this new garden, now shin high in fall rye, and receiving Johnny's and Vesey's catalogues in the mail yesterday planted a little seed of sweet anticipation. It was also good to have a break from the computer, which has become too time consuming and peculiar in the attention my posts on synbio have generated; I estimate 1/2 the hits to these posts are from industry sources...Monsanto was here today. I regret not having the time to peruse more blogs to find common voices to link with, but am grateful to all of you who have linked to me. Thanks! I've made a start in the blogroll in the sidebar and I want to welcome the steady stream of folks from North America and Europe who visit.


Chance said...

Thanks for including me (room farm) in your blog roll, which has lots of interesting links. I just got my first garden catalog of the season, FedCO, a workers seed cooperative. Their newsprint and smeary ink catalog is a joy because there are little stories about plants and seeds on every page. Great bedtime reading.

anne said...

Hi Chance,
yes I like blogs with good links! I like the paper version of seed catalogues, rather than the online versions and in fact took my into the bathtub last night for a long lux soak and read.