February 13, 2009

potting house the winter blahs away

A farmgrrl needs a good potting house, to get a few things started while its still a mighty winter out of doors. I have a little tightly insulated one room shack that has painted yellow tin walls. It used to be a honey extraction/ bees wax candle room before I bought the place. It still smells like bees but now its my potting house and there are other earthy tones. A good part of the room has a big black pile of my compost thawing out, various ingredients for the mix and a plywood sheet to mix it all together with a shovel. Then I put it through a screen on a wooden box. The rest of the room is taken up with shelves, construction and the flourescents I'm wiring up today. I tend to do things as I need them, rather than with great forsight, so as I build it it is filled: I am working around the flats of onions, leeks and rosemary I have planted. My little ceramic heater keeps things warm and the CBC keeps me company. What a great way to throw off the winter blues. With Alex T. next door in the big barn to marvel and cuddle, there is a stir of spring to the air even though its bitter cold.


ChristyACB said...

Isn't the green coming up in the flats a wonder!? It is like a breath of spring dogging old man winter's heels. :)

Eva said...

I wish I could have said this as well:
"We believe that growing our own food is the most radical and effective way to promote social justice, equality and sustainability."