February 18, 2009

our alfalfa cry

If you drive through the interior of BC, or greener parts of the prairie, everywhere that alfalfa grows, you will see it making its way along the road's shoulders. The release of Genetically engineered alfalfa is imminent, unless we can stop it short. The Canadian Government has approved Monsanto’s GMO herbicide resistant (Roundup Ready) Alfalfa for release but Monsanto hasn't applied for variety registration.

Alfalfa is a key crop for organic farmers. The plant is both an excellent animal feed and a real friend of the soil, fixing nitrogen and drawing up nutrients from the deep - it is a motherhouse of an herb. We need alfalfa. It will be impossible to prevent contamination of the genome. Transgenic alfalfa will be everywhere.

A campaign is in swing. You can voice your opposition to it now, so we have a chance to to live without fear of contamination and the unknowns that will bring. Canola and corn we have lost. A cry was made against transgenic wheat and Monsanto retreated. We need to speak out now for alfalfa!

Sign On to the No to GMO Alfalfa Campaign

SOD Saskachewan Organic Directorate
and C-Ban

Deadline: February 28, 2009

The commercialization of genetically modified alfalfa -- GMO Alfalfa -- planned by Monsanto and Forage Genetics International, would have a severe, negative impact on Canadian agriculture, markets, and our environment. A united effort by agriculture producer groups, consumer and environmental organizations, as well as concerned individuals, will prevent this from happening. A similar campaign stopped GMO wheat in 2004.

This is your invitation to join together to put the brakes on GMO Alfalfa.

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