July 31, 2009

farmers wear so many hats..they are all getting worn

The toil of a summer market garden is rolling to a boil, and its easy to be hurt by insensitive or ignorant customers at the market who think this is expensive or that should be available. Even through the gratitude and encouragement from so many welcoming local customers; unexamined attitudes, classism and entitlement seem to rear up every week: the bunch of carrots wrenched up from the bottom of the pile and thrown violently back on the table when the price (2 bucks) is replied - the derisive reply to why there is no spinach this week "isn't that your job".. is like a slap in the face. Its taking its toll, this toil in full view of an established neighbourhood with manicured lawns. Some neighbours walk by stare and do not wave. How did I get here? I look down to the river, its history, its beauty, and I remember. So my back to the road today and I look to the river, the loons and eagles, the layers of history under this holy place and I pray that not too many farmers have to bear the brunt this Saturday morning, of unexamined attitudes, classism and misplaced entitlements. We need community discussions concerning food security, fair local trade and sometimes its absence stings. The responsibility to educate is very wearisome in the late summer market garden; easier to look up apologetically and say: "yes Em I should do better".


Mr. H. said...

Hey, I appreciate what you do...immensely. Perhaps if a few more people would grow a little of their own food they could also appreciate the effort involved.

I always try to remember this line from a movie I watched many years ago when frustrated with other people.

"Just smile a little smile and say something offhand. It doesn't have to fit the situation really. Say, I never did mind about the little things."

Ruralrose said...

my prayers with yours - the irony brings me to tears too - it is like we are lifeboats for the drowning and still we are not "right" - peace for all

angie said...

Hi. I just found your blog. I look forward to following your progress.

I am sorry to hear that folks act like that at farmers markets.