June 2, 2010

farmers are old

I can no longer think of my self as an exception: the young farmer! I am now part of the depressing statistic - farmers are old
See also The Greying of Farmers

I'm 50 tomorrow; Its neither old nor young but it is a half century.

My get cold quick feet may be the harbinger of a slow accumulation of creaks and complaints. I see the suffering of others I know and love and wonder when and if it will change. Can I slog on until....its sustainable bodily, socially.

Irony is, these pockets of fertility and bounty dotted everywhere in rural Canada seem to be ever more hitting the button of "safe haven" for local communities come some immanent disaster, market collapse, corporate crop failures, etc.
Its the wisdom of the land's perspective that keep these ancients hugged close, hanging on for dear life to these small farms knowing it will inevitably, tragically have to change.


Antique ART Garden said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow ! remember , you will never be as young as you are today ( or tomorrow ). Car pa Diem ( seize the day ), Good luck, Gina

Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

Happy Birthday! 50 is painless....except for taking a bit longer to stretch them old bones after sittin a spell. I started "farming" when I was 50 and couldn't believe that that was what I'd chosen to do with my life when I could be doing something else. Like sleeping in and taking long trips....no, I'm milking and tending to animals. But I love this life of mine and wouldn't trade it for anything. Have a happy day!!!

Ruralrose said...

Happy Birthday - aged or not, the best life is on the farm - glad to see your back! Peace

Mr. H. said...

Happy birthday.:)

Mike said...
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