May 24, 2009

A busy couple of weeks

I had an acquaintance and his girl friend from BC move in and settle in to the farm last week, with the intention of staying for the summer, but they have moved a farm with a bigger bathroom, or some unspoken reason, and it was a bit of a setback for a few days because it was so good to have the help and company. I'm practiced at dusting off and getting on with things and it hasn't hurt that the sun has has been generous to my garden seedlings, that germination looks good on the early planting (I'll try and climb to the top of the barn to get a "bird's eye" view and post some pictures) and that my first market this saturday was a fun, happy day - I sold all my food (salad, ruby chard, baby beets, easter egg radish) and many of the flats of bedding plants.

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